New Products
Introducting the PANDA BRAND

Introducing our new PANDA BRAND sauces. This new line of sauces contains NO trans fats, NO preservatives and NO added MSG. These sauces are great for those who want to eat healthy without sacrificing flavour. These sauces are great for marinating, stir-fry, seasoning or can be used for dipping your favourite foods! The sauces included in this line are:

  • PANDA BRAND Green Label Oyster Flavoured Sauce
  • PANDA BRAND Premium Soy Sauce
  • PANDA BRAND Teriyaki Sauce
  • PANDA BRAND Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
  • PANDA BRAND Hoisin Sauce
  • PANDA BRAND Chili Garlic Sauce

...and much more!