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Deep Fried Taro Pastry with Baby Spinach in Pumpkin Sauce

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What you’ll need

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How to make it

Steam the taro for 40 minutes. Mash the steamed taro into a smooth paste and mix well with the seasoning mix to form a dough. Shape it into tiny balls (3 oz. each) and set aside.

Steam the pumpkin flesh for 20 minutes. Use a food processer to blend the softened flesh until smooth. Cook the purée by adding the seasoning mix until the texture becomes more watery.

Cook the baby spinach in boiling water and drain. Use a round shaped mold to arrange the spinach on a plate.

Heat the wok and deep fry the taro balls until golden brown. Place the balls onto the spinach. Pour the pumpkin dressing around it, and sprinkle some goji berries to serve.