• Recipe Sweet Soy Glazed Rib Eye

Sweet Soy Glazed Rib Eye

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What You Will Need

How to make it

Season both sides of the steak with salt and pepper and rosemary. 
Let the steak come to room temperature before cooking. 
Heat the skillet to medium/high heat and place in the olive oil, butter and Panda Brand Sweet Soy Sauce. When the butter has melted and mixed with the soy sauce, place down the steak and cook for 5 minutes until the bottom has caramelized, basting the top of the steak in the soy butter mix. 
Flip the steak after 5 minutes and cook for another 5, still basting the meat. 
Remove the rib eye and allow it to rest on a cutting board for another 5 minutes before cutting in to it. 
Slice the meat against the grain around the bone and place slices on a plate for serving. Drizzle the steak with some more soy sauce if desired and garnish with fresh chopped parsley.