• Recipe Soybean Pork Dumplings

Soybean Pork Dumplings

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How to make it

Place ground pork and Seasonings in a big bowl. Add ginger, pepper, and stir clockwise until mixed thoroughly. Slowly add 60 ml water until combined completely.
Add green onion and cabbage, mix completely, and set aside.
In a separate bowl, add remaining 240 ml water to flour and knead into dough. Set aside for 20 minutes before rolling out.
Cut dough into 48 small pieces. Flatten each piece and use rolling pin to create circular dumpling wrappers. Place 1 Tbsp. filling on each wrapper, pinch edges together to form dumpling.
Tips: 1. For better flavor, add a little sesame oil and cooking wine to soybean sauce, steam for 12 minutes before mixing with ground pork.
Tips: 2. Adding green onion prematurely will change flavor.